October 5, 2022


This probably should be common sense by now but unfortunately I still see people buying puppies from unscrupulous breeders today

  • If you choose to buy a dog PLEASE make sure the breeder has health screened both parents (ask to see proof of this)

  • Never arrange to pick up a puppy at a mutually agreed location – you should always get to see the living conditions of the puppy and its mother

  • Make sure you see the puppy and its mother physically interact with eachother

  • Make sure the puppy is atleast 8+ weeks old before separating it from its mother

  • Make sure the puppy is fully vaccinated and microchipped (again, ask to see the papers for proof of this)

Remember to always trust your gut instinct if anything seems off

If atleast 1 of these things can’t be fulfilled for some reason then please walk away from the breeder and report them.

Ireland is known to hold the largest amount of puppy farms in Europe and I feel like spreading more awareness on this issue could help prevent people from unknowningly supporting this horrible & cruel industry


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