October 3, 2022


Radio and TV host Tommy Little has opened up about his failed attempt to swim between the UK and Belgium, admitting he feels like “a fraud”.

Tommy Little has opened up about his failed attempt to swim from the United Kingdom to Belgium for charity, admitting he feels like “a bit of a fraud”.

The Project host and Hit Network radio presenter is currently in London after his high-profile swim to raise money for a spinal cord charity was abruptly cut short by French authorities.

Littl, 37, and his team were forced to cancel the swim and turn back after completing 53 kilometres of the journey when officers threatened to intercept his boat.

The comedian joked that he’d been told specifically “to not say that the French authorities are d**kheads … but that’s what they are.”

He added: “What a pack of knobs”.

It was a devastating twist after months of training and fundraising for the TV star, who admitted to co-host Carrie Bickmore and fill-in host Peter Helliar on the Carrie and Tommy Show that he was “still devastated”.

“Talking about something heaps is great because it makes you do it,” he said.

“But it’s also very embarrassing. If I am going to do it again I am going to do it quietly and not tell anyone. People have pledged money and donated money and then you just feel like a bit of a fraud at the end of it. But it’s something that was out of my control.”

As of Tuesday morning, his fundraising page had attracted more than $84,000 in donations.

Bickmore, who has just returned from her own stint in the UK, jumped in to reassure her co-host that he had no reason to be embarrassed.

“We were on the journey with you, people were supporting you because of what you were raising money for,” she said.

“It wasn’t for Tommy Little, it was for spinal cord injuries and it was the thing that you were willing to do that none of us were willing to do, which was put your body on the line for an incredible cause. You’ve not let anybody down.”

During the chat, Little also revealed his swim attempt ended with him throwing up for hours.

“I got the boat back and I forgot, because the swim was over, that I get seasick and so I didn’t take any seasick tablets. So I spent 13 hours spewing over the side of a boat.”

Originally published as The Project’s Tommy Little ’feels like a fraud’ after failed charity swim


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