September 24, 2022


A group of tradies and police officers are “lucky to be alive” after an allegedly stolen car ploughed into a police van at a roadworks site at 2am this morning.

The teens were driving south on the Pacific Motorway when they smashed into the van being used to oversee the Pimpama worksite, police said.

An injured police officer climbed out of the van and tore after the teens allegedly involved after they fled the scene toward a nearby sports complex.

The teens allegedly drove a stolen vehicle into a police van at a Gold Coast road works site. (Nine)

“The police dog and his handler located two of the three offenders hiding in a tree and very quickly took the third into custody,” Queensland Police Superintendent Rhys Wildman said.

“You put yourself in the position of being struck from behind at 100 kilometres an hour and then suddenly go into an operational environment where you go and arrest an offender whilst injured is incredible and fantastic from the officer involved.”

A 15-year-old who police allege was driving the car has been arrested.

Wildman said it was miraculous there were only minor injuries.

“There was heavy machinery, light machinery and workers completing their duties to try and get the M1 upgrade completed in that location – it is extremely lucky one of them wasn’t injured or killed as well,” he said.

Two of the teens were served notices to appear in court while the other teens are still being treated for injuries. (Nine)

The officer in the van suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Extensive damage was done to the rear of the van.

Three teens were also hospitalised with minor injuries.

“The amount of road workers on scene walking around and queuing traffic, it’s very surprising there weren’t more serious injuries,” QAS senior operations supervisor for Gold Coast Adam Flory said.

“It’s a testament to that officer to be able to walk away from that accident.”

Two 15-year-old boys were given a notice to appear in court with unlawful use of a vehicle, one of whom will also appear for possessing drugs.

A 16-year-old and 17-year-old are still being treated.

Investigations are continuing.

A white Kia sedan spotted nearby at the time of the arrest is also thought to be involved, police said.


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