October 5, 2022


I slogged my way through Normal People and I dragged my myself through conversation with friends before It all became too nauseating and I’ve come to the conclusion that Sally Rooney is a little bit overrated. Now….Its not that i don’t like her work because her characters are cunts. That i actually respect. Sure, i love nearly every Scott Fitzgerald book and he writes about utter dickheads. But unlike them, Rooney’s characters are also very very uninteresting and have a very bland presentation. Now, that is unfortunate.

I am kind of scratching my head over people writing, commenting, making videos and publicly speaking about Rooney as if she’s the “future” of young and up & coming contemporary irisb literature.

Fuck that lads. Nicole Flattery is where it’s at. Also kevin barry (I know that doesn’t count cuz he’s a geezer but he’s still a titan).


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