September 25, 2022


A total of 30 soldiers in Norway’s royal guard unit known as Garden have been discharged after admitting to use of narcotics at a party last summer.  Five of them were assigned to the king’s own unit, Hans Majestet Kongens Garde).  

There are now fewer royal guards stationed at the elite unit’s headquarters in Oslo. PHOTO: Møst

The guards are best known for their ceremonial presence around the Royal Palace and other royal properties, and for their marching and music corps. The Norwegian Army issued a statement on Wednesday confirming that the drug use took place at a private party among guards on leave and all had come forward and admitted use of illegal substances while off duty.

“Narcotics use is not in line with service in defense forces,” stated defense officials to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “Even though this occurred during their time off, it’s not something we accept.” Drugs used included marijuana and cocaine. staff


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