September 26, 2022


Residents have claimed calls for refunds have gone unanswered by a Brisbane River business that seemingly went under in the February floods.

Customers and voucher holders of the Kookaburra River Queens cruise and dining experience say they’ve been unable to contact the business, which has been impacted by the severe flood events and a major redevelopment in the city.

The decades-old ship and venue is currently floating, disused alongside navy vessels and ships needing repair beneath the city’s Gateway Bridge.

Owners of the business say they are only temporarily closed after the vessel was damaged in February. (Kookaburra River Queens)

The business claimed bookings were only temporarily on hold after the February floods battered the vessel and a message on social media echoes that the business is only temporarily closed.

But months later, the ship’s home at Eagle Street Pier is also closed and awaiting demolition ahead of a new redevelopment.

Flooding also impacted the businesses booking centre at Eagle Street Pier, which has been demolished for redevelopment. (Kookaburra River Queens)

Phone lines to the business are unresponsive, with several customers who are seeking refunds venting their frustrations on the business’s Facebook page.

Some have wished the impacted business owners well following the havoc of COVID-19 on tourism and the financial consequences of the floods.

But others, like a bride who had booked the venue for her big day, have been left frustrated by what they claim is a lack of communication.

The business did not respond to calls or emails from 9News requesting a comment.

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