November 29, 2022


is there any legal way to stop neighbours playing extremly loud music all the friggin time?

They have a very large speaker, I mean this thing is huge (like there is 6 or 8 speakers on it) like you’d have for a disco outside their house and play either the most horrendous country music or dance music all day long (from when they get up around 1pm) . Its non-stop, everyday, even into the night.

They are not the type of neighbours that engage in normal conversation and verbally abuse other neighbours around.

I can no longer work from home due to it and the wife hates being at home now due to the non-stop boom boom boom of their shite music. It’s actually very distressing.

Is moving our only option? Is there any actual process that will work? Anyone have any success with something like this?

Edit; Just wanted to thank you all for some great advice, had a chat with the mrs there and we’re going to try the diaries, guards again, DC and call the council with some other neighbours. Thanks all.


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