October 1, 2022


Ngerulmud (dpa) – In view of the severe impact of the climate crisis on small countries like the Pacific island state of Palau, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock is pushing for a rapid global phase-out of fossil fuels. After a meeting with Palau’s Foreign Minister Gustav Aitaro, she said that the next climate change conference in Egypt in November must make it clear that “[w]e share this fate and can only overcome this climate crisis together.” “Above all, this means massively accelerating the phase-out of fossil fuels and implementing an energy transition, and doing so worldwide,” she added.

Baerbock said after the meeting with Aitaro that the next climate conference must therefore make it clear that “[t]he world is burning. In some places the fire is smouldering, in others it is ablaze. And in some places, we don’t even know yet whether the flames will ignite today or perhaps in ten years’ time.” In connection with Russia’s brutal war of aggression on Ukraine, the minister said that there was a chance that the transition to renewable energies, which has been much too slow so far, “will accelerate massively because the energy issue has also become a security issue.”

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