September 30, 2022
How To Remove Red Filter On TikTok | Silhouette Filter Challenge

Social media has made a place in our daily life. Like we cannot live without other social networking sites like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. Similarly, many people in the world cannot live without Tiktok and cannot spend their days.

Tiktok is a kind of social network site, where people upload funny or useful information content by making them attractive with the help of different filters and effects. There was a time when Tiktok’s red filter videos were very much discussed and also used to be very viral. But can we see the actual video by removing that red filter?

How will it be if we come to know how can we remove or delete this Tiktok Red Filter? Do you also want to know the same, then you are at the right place. Today in this informative article, we will tell you how you can remove the most popular red filter (silhouette filter) of Tiktok yourself.


How To Remove Red Filter On TikTok | Silhouette Filter Challenge


TikTok’s Most Popular Silhouette Filter Challenge

How To Remove Red Filter On TikTok | Silhouette Filter Challenge

Daily millions of videos are uploaded on Tiktok. Even people happily post their videos by editing them with the amazing filters of Tiktok. And at the same time entertains the people. It is Tiktok’s filters that make it unique in itself.

One of them is the Silhouette filter, if spoken in simple language, the red filter became quite popular. And this filter is still making viral videos. As the name of the filter is known, whatever the color of your background, it will convert it to a red-colored background.

On this filter, people made their videos in large numbers, some are showing their stunning body shapes, while some are entertaining funnily. But there is no doubt why this filter became so popular. If you also want to see, then talk of delay, go now and see on your Tiktok app.


How Do I Get Rid Of This Tiktok’s Red Filter?

How To Remove Red Filter On TikTok | Silhouette Filter Challenge

Now everyone’s choice is not Thorri in the evening. Some people have become crazy about this red filter and some people did not like this filter very much and just tried it. But now what should be done to those people who want to remove this red filter from their phone, how can they remove this red filter?

To remove this filter, you have to go through some steps. First of all, you have to go to tweaklink. vip and search for the Tiktok++ app and install it.

Note: To install this app, firstly, you have to wait for 10-20 seconds for loading, and later you have to install some of the further apps after the completion of the required task, you can install the TikTok++ app in your Andriod/iPhone. 

There are some special settings in this app, which you may not find in the original version of Tiktok. After creating the account, click on Tiktok++. After clicking, you will see a lot of new options shown like the sea ​​stalkers option, incognito mode, etc. Here you will also see the option of Remove Red Filter, which you need so that you can get rid of Red Filter.

For Andriod users:

  1. Go directly to your settings app and tap on the battery option.
  2. In the battery option, there are two types of settings, that we have to change.
  3. The first one is the adaptive battery option which you have to make sure that it is turned off.
  4. The other one is the battery saver which you should check that it is off.
  5. If your phone does not have this same setting option, then you can also skip them.
  6. Now you just have to use that remove red filter option and it’s done.

For iPhone users:

  1. First of all, you will go to your Settings app and after opening it, you will see many options.
  2. Here, we will change the setting of our phone battery, then click on the battery option and make sure that your iPhone is on the low power mode option.
  3. Now we’ll go back a step and go through the general options in the Settings app. Tap on the background app refresh option and make sure it is turned on to both on WiFi and Cellular data option.
  4. Now, go and open up your TikTok++ app and now, you have that access to use that remove red filter option.


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How Do I Remove Red Filter From Video I’ve Saved?

How To Remove Red Filter On TikTok | Silhouette Filter Challenge

You have worked and made your Tiktok video, but man, the filter does not look good, what should I do? Never mind, you can easily edit the video. First of all, we will suggest that, by working as hard as you have prepared the video, if you can do it again, then make it without that filter. Meaning, that where you work so hard, a little more is right.

But keeping the jokes aside, if you want to remove that red filter from your saved videos, you can take the help of other editing apps. You can edit your videos very easily with the help of those editing apps and make them as you want. And in the same way, you can remove other filters also with the help of these editing apps.



Tiktok is all about, accepting challenges and making videos on them, becoming popular, making funny videos, and so on – etc. But in this way, it can also become a box of memories for someone. For some people Tiktok is good and for some, it is bad, in some places this app is also banned.

So in today’s article, we have tried to tell you how you can remove this red filter of Tiktok from your phone itself. They hope that you must have found our article useful and will tell us if you also know any method to remove this filter.

If you see any kind of mistake in our article, then you will let us know. We will take care of those things for our future articles. Till then, all of you take care of yourself and stay connected with our future articles.

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