September 24, 2022
How To know If Someone Has Blocked Me On iMessage

If you’ve ever been an Apple loyalist and had iMessage, then you know that you can’t just send a message to anyone – you have to search for their name and then tap on it. If you’ve been blocked on iMessage, there’s probably a good reason for it.

Blocking someone on iMessage is a way to protect yourself and your conversations from unwanted contact. If you’re worried that someone you love has blocked you, there are a few things you can do to determine whether or not that’s the case.

But what if you’re not sure whether or not someone has blocked you on iMessage? Well, we’ve got the answer for you! In this article, we’ll teach you how to check if someone has blocked you on iMessage so that you can avoid any unpleasant surprises when messaging them.


How To Know If Someone Has Blocked Me On iMessage


Let’s take an example, if you’ve both used iMessage on your iPhone and suddenly wonder if someone has blocked you, send a message and check that the iMessage interface looks the same, you can see it’s delivered.


What If You’re Stuck On iMessage?

Even if you’re stuck on iMessage, messages will appear normally; that’s why it’s hard to tell if you’re stuck. If you have “Send as SMS” enabled on your iPhone when iMessage is not available, your messages will be sent as text messages. If you send a message using iPhone iMessage and “Delivered” doesn’t appear below the tooltip, it may mean that you have been blocked by the contact.

Ask someone else to send an iMessage to that person, and if they say “Sent”, you can be sure you’ve been blocked because sent messages won’t show a “Sent” status. If iMessage pops up with a “Sent” message, you’re probably not blocked.

If your previous iMessage says “Delivered” below the message bubble and the new iMessage doesn’t, it probably means you’ve been blocked. If your iPhone tries to send iMessage and automatically switches to texting, you’re blocked.


Note: if you and someone both have an iPhone, the message can still be sent via iMessage, which works over WIFI. Once SMS messages are enabled, whenever you get an iMessage not delivered error message, the iPhone will try to send a text using your cellular plan.


How Do I Know If The Message Has Been Read Or Not If I Have Been Blocked?

Remember, when messages are sent in green instead of blue, it means the phone is trying to send a traditional SMS text message instead of iMessage. If you send an iMessage to someone who has blocked you, the message will remain blue, but that person will never receive your message.

Specifically, if you’re texting someone via iMessage and your text bubbles suddenly change from blue to green, it’s a sign that they’ve blocked your iPhone number. During my testing with my mother’s iPhone, I also noticed that if you are blocked by a person, after a few messages you may not see the iMessage option and blue text pops up when you send a message.


How Do I Know If I Am Blocked Or Not?

If the message you’re sending first turns blue and then suddenly turns green, it could mean that your recipient has blocked your number on iMessage or iPhone. If a text message in iMessage does not say “Delivered” and if it changes from green to blue, you should understand that this means that the recipient has blocked you.

If the last message you sent before you suspected someone blocked it says “Delivered” and the last message you sent says “Undelivered,” that’s a sign of suspicion. If your delivery confirmation SMS messages and receipt also did not respond, this is another sign that your number has been blocked by a user.

If you receive a notification such as “Message Undelivered” or don’t receive any notification, this is a sign of a potential block. When checking the status of previous messages before the hang occurred, delivery notifications such as “Delivered” or “Read” appear in the message thread. All messages later sent by the locked iPhone do not contain notifications.

If your previous messages were shown as delivered, except for the most recent ones, it means that you may have been blocked. Checking if your message was delivered is the next sign to look out for and will help you determine if you’ve been blocked or not. I have to conclude that if someone has enabled Do Not Disturb, you will still receive delivery notifications for your messages, but you won’t if you’ve been blocked.


Note: You’ll be able to see the delivery notification in your most recent iMessages in the delivered message line, but you won’t be able to see Delivered in the most recent text in a conversation if that text hasn’t been delivered.


Because iMessage constantly shuffles the delivered or red badge with the last message in the conversation that was successfully delivered, any messages sent after you were blocked will show up in chat but never see the delivered badge.  If you still can’t see the status of your iMessages after several attempts, the other person has definitely blocked you.


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How Do I Find Out If I’ve Been Blocked On iMessage?

You can still try to use iMessage to send someone a text message, but just like with your phone calls, they will never get a message or any notification of a received message.

When iMessage cannot be launched and “Send as SMS” is enabled, iPhone resends the message via mobile phone. After you send an iMessage and it doesn’t deliver for a few hours or normal days, there’s a good chance the person has blocked you.

To find out if someone has blocked you on this phone, you need to text or call this person, and if your message and your calls are not successful or are delivered, especially several times, you may have been blocked, if only the recipient’s phone number not available.

If a call goes straight to voicemail without a signal, it doesn’t mean you’re blocked. Even calling someone to see how many times they call before it goes to voicemail doesn’t confirm if you’re blocked or not, it just gives you the confidence that you’re blocked.

However, to your delight, you can check if the recipient has been redirected, disabled, or blocked. If you’re looking for clues to check what iMessage shows after a block, or iMessage will be delivered if blocked, you should know that sending an iMessage (in the updated iOS 12) if you get a blue delivery message, you’re not blocked.



It can be frustrating when you Message someone and they don’t respond, or worse, the message back but with an empty message box. Well, there’s a simple solution to this predicament- checking your iMessage account for any blocked or deleted messages!

This is a quick and easy way to determine if someone has intentionally blocked you from communicating with them. If you’ve ever had this happen to you, be sure to leave a comment below and we will help you out!

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