September 22, 2022
How To Get Water Out Of Your iPhone Speaker

Have you ever tried to listen to music on your iPhone and had to stop every few minutes because your phone was making that annoying “water droplet” sound?

It’s no secret that our smartphones are constantly in our hands, and that means they’re constantly getting wet. Whether it’s accidental water droplets from a rainstorm, or melted snow on the winter roads, your iPhone speaker is likely to get wet at some point.

And while you might be tempted to just let it dry out by itself, that’s not always the best solution. In this article, we’ll provide you with 9 effective methods for getting water out of your iPhone speaker. So whether you’re trying to save your device from water damage or just want it to sound better, read on!


Here’s How To Get Water Out Of iPhone Speaker 


Use of sound waves to remove water from iPhone speaker: 

How To Get Water Out Of iPhone Speaker

Sonic uses sound waves that can help you remove water from your iPhone’s speaker. All of the methods below use an audio frequency to push water molecules between the speaker and the iPhone grille. We’ll be using a simple low-frequency sound app that will shake water droplets caught in a water mesh so that water can drip out of your iPhone.

You will see small drops of water coming out of the speaker grilles, run a simple app for a few seconds. In FixMySpeakers, tap the water drop button to start playing the sound. You will hear a series of beeps as the connection is started and water should start to splash out of the speaker.


Use of Water Eject- A frequency player to spit water out of the speaker:

If your phone has been exposed to water under any circumstances and water has entered the speakers, a shortcut can help you remove that water, much like the Apple Watch’s water ejection tool, where you can play a bass tone for about ten seconds, resulting in water pressure outside the speakers and the unit.

A label called Water Eject will play a frequency of sound that may not be audible to your ears but should start spitting water out of the speaker grilles. While Gravity doesn’t push all the water out of your iPhone, it’s often the first step to unlocking the speakers and squeezing some of the liquid out of the speaker grilles. Unlike the Apple Watch, there is no official way to remove water from the speaker grilles, although modern iPhones are waterproof.


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Use of Cotton Swabs or a hairdryer:

If you accidentally dropped your iPhone in a pool or shower, you may have noticed that water entering the speaker clogs the speaker grilles and results in muffled sound for a while until the water runs clear. Whether you’ve regularly dropped your iPhone in the toilet or shower (the culprit), water is most likely lurking inside the speaker grilles.

In most cases, water gets inside the Lightning port or speaker of your iPhone and makes the sound muffled. Sometimes water gets into your iPhone’s speakers, causing the sound to be distorted or muffled. Also, if you are using an older iPhone, the water inside or inside can be quite destructive. Losing your iPhone due to water damage can be annoying as you may feel almost helpless.

You may have heard that you can use cotton swabs or even a hairdryer to remove water from your phone’s speaker, but this can damage your iPhone. You can also force yourself to touch the body of your iPhone to remove water from your iPhone.


Use of Rice or Silica Gel:

The easiest method you can use to try and get water out of your iPhone’s camera is to bury the device in bags of rice or silica gel. You can use small white bags to remove water from your iPhone by soaking your iPhone in these bags for a day or two and letting it repair the water damage.

If you have silica gel on hand, it’s best to use it to restore your iPhone after water damage. You can explore the sections above for more details on methods for using rice and silica gel to remove water from your iPhone’s digital camera lens.

The effectiveness of uncooked rice in the event that water drains completely from the iPhone speakers is questionable, it is a good method to remove some of the moisture from the iPhone. It’s efficient to drain water from the phone’s speaker this way because the nature of rice is to suck up any liquid/moisture that surrounds it.


Some other ways to remove water from iPhone speakers:

  • To use this environment try placing a paper towel under the phone speaker, gravity will cause water to absorb the phone speaker and as usual, you will need to place the phone in a favorable environment to speed up the process.
  • A hairdryer can easily dry the water, try to put the phone in a well-ventilated place, which can fix the speaker of the phone.
  • To clean the water from your phone’s speakers, you’ll need to turn on the loud sound to release the water, let the phone dry at room temperature, or go to a repair center. Opening the iPhone alone allows you to simply dry the filtered water inside the iPhone case, not just the charging port or speakers.
  • Seriously, seconds can matter here, so act fast) Turn off your iPhone immediately by holding the Power button until it turns off. Remove any case or cover immediately as they may retain moisture, screen protectors can be left on unless there is a noticeable water bubble.
  • Dry iPhone as best you can use a cloth (T-shirt, socks, anything that can be read) or absorbent material. Make sure you clean your iPhone (you recently dropped it in the pool or splashed it with water) with a soft, dry cloth. After removal is complete, place iPhone on a very dry paper towel or towel and blot the iPhone to remove any remaining moisture.
  • If your iPhone comes into contact with liquids other than water, wipe it with a Clorox cloth to remove any stickiness or other residue. For older iPhones, just place the iPhone on an absorbent cloth with the speaker facing down and wait for the water to drain. When water enters the Apple Watch speaker, the Apple Watch will use the vibrating speaker to actually remove the water, either automatically or manually.



If your iPhone speaker is constantly malfunctioning, you’re not alone. Water has been known to accumulate inside the speaker and cause it to malfunction. In this blog, you’ll learn about some effective methods on how to get water out of your iPhone speaker.

From using a plunger to sucking the water out with a straw, there’s definitely a way to get the water out and save your iPhone speaker from being ruined. Let us know if you have tried any of these methods and how they worked for you in the comments below!

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