October 1, 2022
Quick Glimpse On How To Delete Reddit History

Reddit is a website where you will find people of every topic, every interest, together, forming communities that we call subreddit. So sometimes it happens that while reading things on Reddit, you find something so strange and interesting, after reading those, you feel like changing your content overnight.

Every day we explore new things and try to do them in our daily life. But have you ever wished to delete your Reddit search history? We are not only talking about the base of the content but have you ever been like this, that man, I have to delete this search from my Reddit history.

If this question also stings you? So you are in the right place. Today in this article, we are going to tell you how you can delete your Reddit history and if you want to permanently delete your search history, how is that possible? so let’s see.


Quick Glimpse On How To Delete Reddit App History


Is It Possible To Delete Reddit History?

How To Delete Reddit App History

Yes, it is possible. No Doubt. Reddit is a very good website, where people also share the content of their daily life and everyone also happily shares their stories, knowledge, skills, etc. with the world. And we also like to read the content given by them.

But to do this, you have to keep some things in mind, and also follow some steps which will help you in how can you delete your Reddit history?


How Do I Delete My Reddit App History Using Settings?

How To Delete Reddit App History [Solved] | Quick Glimpse

Sometimes it happens that some such thing comes in front of our eyes, seeing which we do not want to come back in front our eyes. So what can we do to avoid such things? So let’s move on to the steps;

  1. First of all, make sure that your phone has a good internet connection, and then, open the Reddit app on your phone.
  2. As soon as you open the app, you will automatically be taken to the home page of Reddit.
  3. Then, click on the profile icon given on the top right side.
  4. Before clearing the history, you should see what you have searched, do you want to delete it? So for that just you, tap on the History option and have a look.
  5. Let’s go back and now we will go under the Settings option.
  6. After clicking on the Settings option, you will get an option on the way down, click on Clear Local History and click on it.
  7. After selecting the option, your credit history will be cleared.


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Can I Also Delete My Reddit Account Comments? If Yes, Then How?

How To Delete Reddit App History [Solved] | Quick Glimpse

Although the procedure for deleting Reddit account comments is almost identical to deleting Reddit history. We cannot say that both the processes are similar but they are not so different. So according to us, you should use the desktop screen to delete the comments of the Reddit account because some things are not visible on the phone screen.

And if you do not have a desktop, then it does not matter, you can do this comfortably from the phone too. If you want to delete the comments on your Reddit account, then;

  1. First, you have to go to the home page of your Reddit account.
  2. After going to the homepage, you have to click on the icon given on the upper right side.
  3. After going to the profile, you can click on the Comments tab and let the page load in reverse chronological order.
  4. To delete a single comment, finally, comment on your profile and click on the given menu icon.
  5. After that, you click on the delete option. You will get a screen pop-up show for confirms, click on it and your Reddit account comments will be deleted.


People Also Searched For:

Q1. How do I delete my Reddit account?

You can very easily delete your Reddit account whether you have a desktop or a normal smartphone. So first of all go to your phone browser and search Reddit. Either you directly open the Reddit app installed on your phone.

Once the app is open, click on the icon on the upper right side of the homepage and you will be taken to your Reddit profile. Click on the Settings option given on it and then click on Account Settings.

On clicking, you will come to a new menu interface and after the page is loaded, on going down you will show an option – Deactivate my account. You will have to type in your username and password when clicked and done.


Q2. How to delete your all Reddit Posts?

To delete all your Reddit posts, first, you need to go to the home page of your Reddit account. Click on the icon on the upper home page to go to your Reddit account profile. To delete all your posts, click on the Posts tab and wait for the page to load in reverse chronological order.

To delete a single post, go to the listing on the profile. Click on the given menu option and click on the delete option. A pop-up will show you the confirmation, click it and it’s done. All your Reddit posts will be deleted.



Whether it is deleting the history or browsing history of the Reddit account or deleting the Reddit account itself, if you know the steps, then you can do this yourself. Which one did you like more than our given methods, do let us know?

In the above information, we have cleared your doubt that how you can delete your own Reddit account history from your phone. Like the procedure you will follow on the phone, you can follow it on your desktop as well.

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