December 5, 2022


I’m so fed up with this shitty situation and I’m so incredibly bitter about it but I’d like to share my story with this sub. I’m a student from Italy, I love Ireland and I’ve been here countless times. Finally I have to decide what master to do and I ask myself “why not study in Ireland at this point”. I’ve worked my ass off for a fucking year to save money, meet the requirements in order to receive an offer by the university I’ve chosen and get in. Truly I was the happiest man on earth, I would’ve been the first member of my family to study abroad, I would have studied at one of the best colleges in Ireland (if not the best). But god forbid and perish the thought. I’ve spent the last few months writing countless emails to every kind of landlords but among “from Monday to Friday only” “females only” “if you don’t have 30k on your bank account I won’t rent this student accommodation to your ugly ass” 99% of landlords not even answering back and an insane amount of scammers, I’ve realised I don’t have the financial means to study and work in Ireland. The saddest part is that even my friends there are struggling to the point of having to live back with their parents. I don’t know what’s going on here but I wish you all the best of luck because this situation looks like a tornado full of shit


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