September 24, 2022


Lametta Fadlallah, 48, died alongside 39-year-old Amy Al-Hazzouri, when they were sprayed with bullets in Panania last weekend in what police called a targeted “assassination”.

Today, around 100 mourners gathered at Saint Charbel’s Church in Punchbowl for the funeral of Fadlallah.

A funeral has been held for Lametta Fadlallah, who was shot dead in Sydney. (Supplied)
Lametta Fadlallah funeral
The service was held at Saint Charbel’s Church in Punchbowl. (9News)

The service was under police guard as no one has been arrested or charged over the double shooting, which police suspect has links to Sydney’s underworld.

Fadlallah, a mother-of-two, is the former partner of underworld figure Helal Safi and former partner of gangster Shadi Derbas.

In the days after the shooting, NSW Police homicide squad boss Danny Doherty described the killing as “unprecedented”.

Lametta Fudlallah's mother and son at St Charbel's Maronite Church
Fudlallah’s mother and son at St Charbel’s Maronite Church. (Nick Moir)
Lametta Fadlallah funeral
Fadlallah died when the car she was sitting in with her hairdresser was sprayed with bullets. (9News)

He said the shooting was an “organised, methodical murder” aimed at killing Fadlallah, and broke an unwritten rule of targeting women and family.

“This is an appalling attack on two women who have lost their lives in a planned murder, an assassination really, that’s happened in a public street in Sydney,” Doherty said.

“It’s not acceptable by any standards. It’s unprecedented, really and we’re determined to get the answers for the family.”

Al-Hazzouri, an innocent woman who was also killed in the attack, was farewelled last week.

Lametta Fudlallah's casket at St Charbel's Maronite Church.
Her casket being carried out after the service. (Nick Moir)
Hairdresser Amneh Al-Hazzouri, known as Amy to her friends, also in the back, was caught up in a barrage of deadly fire.
Hairdresser Amneh Al-Hazzouri, known as Amy to her friends, also in the back, was caught up in a barrage of deadly fire. (Nine)
In an interview with 9News her father, Khaled Al-Hazzouri, described his daughter as “beautiful” and an “angel” ready to help anyone in need.

“Beautiful, beautiful,” the grieving father said.

“Anyone who used to be upset, depressed, anything would go to Amy and she would give them the support, the power and energy.

“They would go to Amy, Amy was everything to them, that’s the kind of person she was.”


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