November 29, 2022


It’s time to ditch the jeans and start carrying emergency ijslollies in your bags. One weather model predicts the Netherlands may become mind-blowingly hot, reaching 40 degrees in the coming days. 😳

We’re all yearning to enjoy the delightful Dutch summer weather as much as we can before the dreadful winter rain hits us again. But a stonking 40 degrees? Now that’s just too much. 🥵

A mind-blowing prediction

Luckily, the chances of these extreme temperatures reaching us are minimal at the moment.

However, the prediction still has meteorologists shook. Why? Because it’s an extremely rare thing for weather models in the Netherlands to even show temperatures exceeding 40 degrees.

Reinier van den Berg of Buienradar took to Twitter with the shocking prediction.

Translation: At the moment, this is still extremely uncertain. But the fact that a good weather model calculates this… Until 2019 you never saw 40-somethings in calculations for our country. Now we do, this beats everything. Again, the chances of this happening are minimal.

What can we expect for this week?

That being said, things are definitely about to get heet in here. Starting this week, the sun will gain more ground with up to 30-degree temperatures coming in hot on Tuesday and Wednesday, reports RTL Nieuws

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You can expect the next few days to be filled with hot and dry air with long periods of sun throughout the daytime. ☀️

We’ll likely see the temperatures going above 30 degrees by next weekend, especially on Sunday and possibly Monday. 

How likely is it to reach 40 degrees or more?

It’s too early to tell with certainty if this extreme tropical heat will reach the Netherlands in the coming week. 🤔

However, the main calculations show that the average lies between 30 and 35 degrees (!!), which seems to be a more realistic picture for meteorologists at the moment. Are you sweating already? 

How will you manage if the Netherlands reaches 40 degrees? Tell us in the comments below!


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