October 4, 2022


The first German Bundeswehr soldiers in Bosnia and Herzegovina started their work as part of the EUFOR Althea operation on Tuesday with a “flag raising” ceremony. The German deployment consists of staff for the operational command in Sarajevo and troops to man two so-called Liaison and Observation Teams in the country. The mandate resolved by the Bundestag on 7 July 2022 is capped at 50 soldiers.

With its renewed participation in EUFOR Althea, Germany, together with its EU and NATO partners, is underlining that we will not allow a security policy vacuum to develop in our immediate neighbourhood. The internal political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is fraught and there are forces that seek to divide the country.

The Federal Government’s Special Envoy for the states of the Western Balkans, Manuel Sarrazin, accordingly also emphasised: “In this way, we are clearly indicating that Germany, together with its partners, is committed to the security of the local population. It is also a contribution to ensuring that the elections in October take place in a secure environment. We will not allow a vacuum to develop in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will instead continue to take a firm position opposing divisive politics.”

Source: Federal Foreign Office


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