September 26, 2022


A young Australian woman has taken to TikTok to reveal the surprise reason she was hit with a $1000 fine from Queensland Police.
Hailey Gillard said she had been “shocked” to get the fine in the mail.

She had been caught on a road safety camera wearing a seatbelt improperly.

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While it was clipped in, Gillard had worn the belt passing under her arm, instead of – as required by law – over her shoulder.

In Queensland the rules state: “Seatbelts must be worn with the belt over your shoulder, running across your chest and be buckled low on your hip. Wearing a seatbelt any other way will result in a fine.”

Gillard said she had chosen to wear the belt that way because she had been feeling carsick that day.

Nonetheless, she was slapped with a $1078 fine and four demerit points.

Hailey Gillard has revealed the surprise reason she was fined $1078 by Queensland Police. (@haileygillard1/TikTok)

“It was a bit of a shock I think, as I was in the passenger seat,” she said.

She urged her audience to be “really careful” on the roads.

“Even if you’re wearing a seatbelt, wear it properly,” she said.

“Don’t do what I did and get a $1000 fine.”


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